Developing new products that increase uptime and productivity is a core belief of our company. We apply practical innovation to simplify technology and develop products that can have a positive impact on the production process.
  • ifm is committed to R&D by employing more than 600 development engineers
  • ifm currently holds more than 600 patents and 70 new patent registrations in 2014
  • Annual production of ifm's patented electronic circuits exceeds 10 million pieces
  • ifm has received multiple awards for innovation and breakthrough technologies

Innovation step –
3D Smart Sensor utilizing PMD Time of Flight principle enables automated machines to perceive their environment in 3D with human-like vision.


Innovation step –
3M Smart Sensor for mobile machines with patented PMD technology sees objects in 3D that vehicle operators cannot see.


Innovation step –
As Factory 4.0 (data revolution) emerges, ifm's RFID high frequency identification system is used to track and control the quality of products throughout the automation process.